I am Emma Willcox a medicinal herbalist, forager, medicine maker and first-aider. I run a herbal clinic from my home. I am a member of the Irish Register of Herbal Medicine and Herbalists without Borders.

I am part of the Medical Herbalists, a team providing herbal first aid and acute medical services at festivals.

I am passionate about herbal medicine, especially from native plants, I love teaching people about these wonderous allies. I run foraging walks and workshops, in which participants discover wild foods and medicines, and how to utilise them in their everyday lives.

I am committed to my own professional development.

Herbalists are people who practice healing by the use of herbs, they treat the underlying cause of disease rather than just masking the symptoms, thus restoring the body to health

Herbal medicine combines a wealth of traditional knowledge with current scientific research to create plant based medicines. The medicine is both gentle and powerful. It can treat a huge array of health pathologies both chronic and acute. 80% of the world’s population rely on herbal medicine as their primary source of healthcare. In my own practice I use home grown and wild crafted medicine wherever possible.

Herbalists Without Borders are a group of herbalists from Ireland and the UK who go to the refugee camps in Calais and Dunkirk, on a monthly basis, providing herbal first aid and herbal medicine.