Herbal Medicine Consultations

In a herbal consultation we discuss your current health concerns as well as your overall health and nutritional status.

I will take your pulse, and blood pressure as a matter of course and perform any physical examinations deemed necessary.

I formulate plant based medicines to create synergistic herbal prescriptions unique for you and your health. The herbal prescriptions take into account, your current concerns, your constitution, past medical history, medications and any underlying issues. I usually offer accompanying dietary recommendations and advice. Herbal prescriptions often take the form of a tincture, for convenience, these use alcohol as a preservative. They can also be teas, capsules, powders, ointments, salves, creams, syrups, poultices….the list is unexhaustive.

After 2-3 weeks, a follow up consultation is of benefit, to monitor your progress, these may continue accordingly to your condition, and the herbal prescription modified with your improvements.

The initial consultation takes 1 – 1.5 hours, it costs E50. A follow up consultation takes 25-45 minutes, E25. Sliding scale is available on consultation prices for genuine cases.

Herbal medicine is wonderful as it can be systemic as well as local. For acute conditions or chronic conditions.

To book a consultation, or if you would like more information please call 085 7293572