Herbal Consultations

What To Expect?
As herbal medicine is a  holistic treatment, the herbalist will not only enquire about your current  medical condition , but also your medical history, including any medications you take,  the health of your whole body,  nutritional, emotional and physical well being.
The initial consultation takes approximately 60 - 90 minutes, it may include physical examinations as required, blood pressure and pulse will be taken as a matter of course. A follow up consultation will occur 2-4 weeks after the initial consultation, this is to evaluate your progression to health. The approximate duration of which is 25 - 45 minutes. Further consultations may then be required. The treatment time will depend upon the complexity of the conditions and the duration you have had the ailments.
Benefits Of Herbal Medicine?
Herbal medicine is a holistic treatment that looks at the client as a whole, the herbs treat the person and aid the cause of the illness rather than just the symptoms. 
Herbalists are medically trained and can carry out a range of physical examinations and interpret blood tests. 
Herbs are generally regarded as safe medicines.

What to Bring?
A list of any medications and supplements you are currently taking and any recent blood tests,  or anything else relevant. 

Herbal Medicine
The treatment will be a bespoke herbal remedy, which could be in the form of  teas, a tinctures, capsules, balms, salves, oils etc taking into account everything that has been discussed, and advice regarding diet and well being.

Online Consultations 
These are available

  • Initial Consultation E60
  • Follow Up Consultation E45
  • Herbal Medicine starts at E6 week depending upon medium. Tinctures E10 for 100ml.
  • Indian Head Massage E50
  •  Garden Consultation E100
  • Workshop Prices Vary

Indian Head Massage

What to Expect?
A quick consultation lasting 5 minutes. 
Massage of the shoulders, top of back, face, ears and head. The massage will use either organic coconut,  organic grapeseed or organic olive oil, so be prepared to get oil in your hair, and face. Essential oils maybe used.
The massage takes approximately 45minutes.

Benefits of Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is an ancient touch therapy,  reduces the stress hormone cortisol, making us less susceptible to stress, anxiety. The treatment gives the mind time to unwind, relax and recharge. The massage itself involves many techniques from calming strokes to stimulating hacking. The gentle strokes promote relaxation, deeper breathing and tranquillity. The more vigorous strokes create warmth in an area, which in turn, causes the blood vessels to dilate, which encourages the flow of blood. With the blood comes more oxygen and nourishment to the muscles, tissues, brain and skin.

What to wear?
A vest from which you can unloop your arms is the easiest.

Garden Consultations

What to Expect

A forage around your garden, to discover the free foods and medicines,  growing in their natural environment, literally on your doorstep!    We will discuss ID skills, culinary ideas and an emailed inventory. Grow your own food without the hassle of actual gardening!

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